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Yadah Our Together song

Yadah has once again touched the hearts of many with her latest release, “Our Together.” This gospel song is filled with powerful lyrics that remind us of the importance of unity and togetherness in our journey of faith.

The message in “Our Together” is uplifting and inspiring, urging listeners to come together in love and support for one another. With its captivating melody and heartfelt vocals, this track is sure to resonate with all who hear it.

As always, Yadah delivers a powerful performance that showcases her immense talent and passion for spreading the good news through music. “Our Together” is a must-listen for anyone seeking spiritual encouragement and a reminder of the strength found in community.

So, be sure to check out Yadah‘s latest release, “Our Together,” and let its message of unity and faith fill your soul with hope and joy. This song is available for download as an Mp3, so you can take it with you wherever you go and be reminded of the power of coming together in Christ.

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Lyrics: Our Together by Yadah

When our hands are old and rail
May our grip on each other never fail
May we remember today and why we are here
May our together be forever….

May our flows are overwhelming
May we remember that love is patient
May we remember today and why we are here
May our together be forever o

May our feelings are not enough
May God’s flowing patience fill our hearts
May we remember how we’ve been in love
May our together be forever o

Forever o Forever o
Forever o Forever o
No letting down, no letting go

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