“At All Cost” by Dunsin Oyekan

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“At All Cost” by Dunsin Oyekan song

The lyrics of “At All Cost” by Dunsin Oyekan focus on the unwavering commitment of the singer to pursue the presence and will of God, no matter the obstacles or challenges that may arise. The song emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the things of God above all else and being willing to go to great lengths to maintain a close relationship with Him.

In the song, Dunsin Oyekan passionately declares his dedication to seeking after God at all cost, singing of his relentless pursuit of the divine presence and his unwavering desire to align his life with the will of God. The lyrics convey a sense of urgency and determination to remain steadfast in faith, no matter the circumstances.

“At All Cost” by Dunsin Oyekan serves as a powerful exhortation to believers to hold fast to their faith and to place God at the center of their lives, no matter the challenges they may face. The song’s message is one of unwavering commitment and determination to prioritize the things of God above all else.

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