Kofi Owusu Peprah – Yesu Nyame

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Kofi Owusu Peprah Yesu Nyame song

Kofi Owusu Peprah brings a powerful message of faith and gratitude in his latest gospel track, “Yesu Nyame.” The lyrics of this song beautifully convey the singer’s deep reverence for God and his unwavering belief in His goodness and love. Through soul-stirring vocals and heartfelt expressions, Kofi Owusu Peprah inspires listeners to trust in the Lord and find solace in His presence.

Here are some of the touching lyrics from “Yesu Nyame” by Kofi Owusu Peprah:
“Yesu Nyame, wo na woye Adom nti
Wo kote a, yɛma wo nkwa
Menni hwee yen so
O Nyame m’ani agye me ti”
These words of praise and devotion remind us of the boundless grace and mercy of God, and the reassurance of His protection and guidance in our lives. When you listen to “Yesu Nyame” by Kofi Owusu Peprah, you will be uplifted and inspired to trust in the Lord’s plan for you.

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