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Ken Anucha Your Mercies song

Ken Anucha brings a powerful message of gratitude and faith in his latest track, “Your Mercies.” The song beautifully depicts the endless love and compassion that God showers upon us every day. Ken’s soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics remind listeners of the importance of praising God for His unwavering mercy.

With a smooth blend of contemporary gospel and traditional influences, “Your Mercies” is sure to uplift and inspire all who listen. Ken Anucha’s passion for sharing the love of God shines through in every note, making this track a must-listen for fans of gospel music.

Experience the grace and goodness of God through the powerful sounds of Ken Anucha and his touching song, “Your Mercies.” Let the message of this track remind you of the endless blessings that come from a life of faith and trust in the Lord.

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Lyrics: Your Mercies by Ken Anucha

Your Mercies Lord
Have kept and preserved me
Your Mercies Lord
Have kept and preserved me
It’s of your mercies Lord
That I am not consumed
Your Mercies Lord [2x]

Your mercies erased my past
Your mercies healed my flaws
Your mercies made me glad
Your compassions made me worthy
Your mercies made me whole
Your mercies surrounded me
Your mercies exempted me
Your mercies Lord

Your mercies are new every morning
Your compassions never fail

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