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Joyous Celebration Waze Waphila song

Joyous Celebration is a renowned gospel group from South Africa that has touched the hearts of many with their powerful and uplifting music. One of their popular songs, “Waze Waphila,” is a beautiful reminder of the hope and joy that comes from believing in God’s love and grace.

The lyrics of “Waze Waphila” speak of the faithfulness of God and how He brings new life and hope into our lives. It is a song that encourages listeners to trust in God’s timing and believe that He is always working for our good.

As you listen to “Waze Waphila,” let the words and melodies remind you of the endless love and grace that God has for you. May this song inspire you to keep the faith and trust in His plan for your life, knowing that He is always with you, bringing new life and hope into every situation.

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Lyrics: Waze Waphila by Joyous Celebration

Waze Waphila
Waze waphila, waphila Jesu.
Waze waphila, waphila Jesu
Waphila, waphila. Waphila Jesu
Waphila, Waphila. Waphila Jesu

Ngimbona lapha kimi
Ehlanz` inhliziyo

Waphila, waphila
Waphila, waphila

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