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Wisdom Worship – Come To The Saviour song

Wisdom Worship invites listeners to “Come To The Saviour” with their uplifting gospel music. Through their powerful lyrics and soulful melodies, they spread the message of love, faith, and redemption. With each song, Wisdom Worship aims to touch the hearts of their audience and inspire a deeper connection to their spiritual beliefs. “Come To The Saviour” is a declaration of hope and a reminder of the ever-present grace that surrounds us. So, sit back, close your eyes, and let the music of Wisdom Worship guide you towards the light.

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Song Lyrics: Come To The Saviour by Wisdom Worship

Come to the saviour
Make no delay
Here in His Word
He has shown us the way
Here in our midst
He’s standing today
Tenderly saying come

Joyful joyful will be the meeting
When from sin
our hearts are pure and free(oh)
And we shall gather
Savior with thee
In our eternal home

Oh uu yeah yeah…

Teach now the children
Oh hear his voice.
Let every heart leap forth and rejoice
And let us freely (make Him our choice) make Him our choice
Do not delay but come


Think once again He’s calling today
Heed now his blessed command and obey
Heed now his accents
Tenderly say
Will you my children come

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