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Montell Fish Theo's Hand song

Montell Fish delivers a powerful message in his song “Theo’s Hand.” With soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Fish speaks about the strength and guidance he finds in God’s hand. The song is a reminder of the unwavering love and support that Theo provides, no matter the circumstances. Fish’s passion for spreading the gospel is evident in every word he sings, making “Theo’s Hand” a heartfelt and inspiring listen.

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Lyrics: Theo’s Hand by Montell Fish

[verse 1: john givez]
picture me, picture me, picture me rollin’
isn’t he, isn’t he, isn’t he swollen?
in the heart is what they said
when they started in my bed i was dreaming bout them demons they was scheming on me
(we can get you god won’t save ya)
listen, he can only lie
trolling on the souls of you and i
i was only seven
infatuated with this hell and heaven concept
planet earth my conquest like
(what you wanna see and who you wanna be and what you tryna)
do? i ain’t been the same since god really, really came through and
i ain’t been afraid in a very, very, very long time
i ain’t been ashamed to say what’s on my mind, yeah
rocking with a brother that cares about your soul it’s
funny how the world seeks answers from miss cleo and
fell so far from the tree we need to pray
i guess at the end of the day it’s in theo’s hands

[chorus: montell fish]
and if you’re looking for love
you know where to find it at
and if you’re looking for love
you know where to find it at
in theo’s hand
in theo’s hand
in theo’s hand

[verse 2: montell fish]
yo, uh
i said it’s getting metaphysical
hoping god’s plan is gonna meet me at this mistletoe
my mom said you better go to school
’cause i ain’t raise no fool this ain’t what you ’bout to do to me
how you gon’ make it? how you gon’ make it?
they life is full of chances, momma, ima take it
people tell me “fish you came so far”
but my destiny arrived before i even was created
ain’t it crazy how the angels turn to demons in this world?
bunch of evil in this world, it’s even in a little girl twerking
ten years old, on facebook
got to know you’re watchin’
the last days some sad days keep your bible’s open
and keep your eyelids open
the deepest stuff just make you wanna go and drown the ocean
i’m highly open to your thoughts if you wanna talk
tell me, do you believe in god, believe that time he created everything
really tell me what’s on your mind when you look up at the planet
and how it cuts in half like it was some freaking magic
and the solar system hold it together, but where’s the magnet?
i had these questions too, man, i was in my freaking attic screaming
had the blunt burning while my mom was staring in my eye
don’t you lie i know you was smoking boy, i can smell the loud
i’m praying for you
hoping that jesus gon’ let you realize these real lies
the devil been working on you for quite some time

[chorus: montell fish]
and if you’re looking for love
you know where to find it at
and if you’re looking for love
you know where to find it at
in theo’s hand
in theo’s hand
in theo’s hand

[outro: montell fish]
i spend my days rolling through the flowers
my heart, my soul, my spirit is intact with yours, yeah
so maybe we can walk side by side, just you and i
my friend, my lover, you treat me like no other
and when it rains, i call on you
you my saturday, friday, and sunday, too
because you’re my weak-end
you give me strength for all my weakness
and i know that i’ll never regret it
all the times that i spend on your chest
you love me
never love-me-not
that’s all i got

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