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Blessing Ojonumi So good song

Blessing Ojonumi is a talented gospel artiste whose music has touched many hearts and souls. Her latest single, “So Good,” is a powerful song that reminds listeners of the faithfulness and goodness of God. With soul-stirring lyrics and an uplifting melody, this song is sure to resonate with anyone going through a difficult time.Blessing Ojonumi has a gift for creating music that inspires and uplifts, and “So Good” is no exception. Let this song be a reminder that no matter what challenges we face, God is always with us, and His goodness will never fail.

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Lyrics: So good Mp3 by Blessing Ojonumi

You are the rock of ages
You are my testimony
You are my sweet desire
You are so good to me
You are my Ebenezer
Always my loving Father
You are the reason I am standing
Your grace has made me whole

I will exalt you
I will adore you
(Oh oh…)
You are Jehovah Abba father you’re so good me ×2

You are my only saviour
When everything has failed me
You are hope my shelter Jesus
Always You’re there for me
You… never fail me
Always providing for me
Even when I’m in danger you have always come rescue me.

I will exalt you
(I will praise and worship you)
I will adore you
(Chiokike Mmeka meka)
You’re Jehovah Abba father
you’re so good me

I will exalt you
(You are the lilly of the valley)
I will adore you
(The bright and morning star)
You’re Jehovah Abba father
you’re so good me

(Jesus Jesus)
I will exalt you
(I will exalt your name)
I will adore you
(You are good, you are kind)
You’re Jehovah Abba father you’re so good me

Mighty mighty redeemer
You always lift me higher
Even when I’m not worthy, Jesus
Even in times of trouble
I will forever praise you
You always come through for me, Jesus
You’re so good to me

I will exalt you
I will adore you
(I will your name forever)
You’re Jehovah Abba father
you’re so good me

Ojo ajogwu kebutuma kwu(the God that fights war without raising dust)

Agune chemba
(The lion that watches over a city)
Onye n’agwo oria
(The great physician)

Oji oshimiri-meruzo
(He that created a path in the sea)

Ojo achele kimakicha omiagwe ×2
(The God that gives without announcing it)
Onu oma onu ehhh-
(King of king)

Agbiti oñu-uwe che(strong one)
Lord we thank you
We adore your holy name forever
Ojo-omachala( Almighty)
(He who fetches water without a bowl)
You are Jehovah Abba Father
You are so good to me

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